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[Kaiden Casino] Jordan Carlsson by peacockaroo [Kaiden Casino] Jordan Carlsson by peacockaroo

Jordan Carlsson

Jord - More a pet name than anything else, really. Used by those who know him on a more personal level.
Carly - Mostly used by enemies and rivals. A name used to belittle him by deliberately calling him by a girls name.

19 (December 24th)





Staff Team

The Odd

Attempting to be a Drug Dealer
His overall attitude and lack of experience in dealing with customers has a tendency to put people off, so he's not particularly successful


Charisma: 0 / 3
Strength: 1 / 3
Defence: 1 / 3

Stamina: 1 / 3
Willpower: 1 / 3
Speed:  2 / 3

Probably the first thing anyone will notice when encountering Jordan is his complete lack of tact. He seemingly has no real concept of how to properly interact with other human beings and has a tendency to come on very strong, being a blunt type of guy. It's not that he's a bad person - although that, I suppose, is up to the individual person to decide - his upbringing and surroundings just never prepared him well enough for the possibility of needing to interact much with others. He can easily do activities that do not require much social interaction, like grocery shopping, but when it comes to talking or selling himself - or his product - he's completely at a loss. He tends to complain a lot, and very loudly, about any little thing that displeases him - and it's really hard to make him shut up. The only way to really get anything from him is to promise him some sort of monetary reward in exchange. He is practically obsessed with money, and getting more of it, to the point where he actually values this material good higher than even his own family. He would do anything if it meant that he could expand the number in his bank account, there are honestly very few things he wouldn't do, even for simple change. Of course, the more effort required by the task at hand, the more money he would expect in return, but he has very low standards either way. To top it all off he has violent tendencies, probably from the environment he grew up in, but still hardly a good trait. Some people would say it's a miracle he hasn't ended up a fighter yet.

Being from one of the poorer areas of Kaiden, Jordan never had a lot of money - or much of any other such material goods, really. He was the oldest of three siblings, in a home where their mother worked for the majority of most of the days and their father spent half their money on booze. Not an uncommon story, and one which has existed since the introduction of alcohol into the lives of mankind, but that does not make each individual case any less unpleasant. When Jordan was around ten years old, his father left them. At the time, his younger siblings were five and two years old, and Jordan was the one who stayed home to look after them. He still has mixed feelings about his fathers departure - on one hand, he was a good for nothing piece of shit who (when he was home) never did anything but drink and laze about, but at the same time he did have a job with a fairly okay pay. Not to mention, his mother was devastated by the departure of her husband. It was a rough for months at first, having to live without the man, but they soon got used to it, and Jordan started doing odd jobs around the neighbourhood to bring in a bit more money.
For a few years, things continued that way, their mother working her many jobs to bring in enough money for rent and clothes and food... and Jordan doing whatever he could to add just a little bit extra. Somewhere along the line, he got into a fight - the details are unknown to most people, and he tends to avoid the topic if at all brought up - and that was the start of his estrangement from his family, and the reason why he currently wouldn't have any problem selling them out if it meant more cash. His mother didn't approve of the fighting, of course, but it wasn't as if he cared about that.
The teenage boy grew increasingly obsessed with earning and saving money, and the jobs he'd accept became more and more obscure. It's unclear when about it happened, but he got involved with some pretty bad people - not bad enough to get into any major legal trouble, but still pretty bad. Without going into too many details, this was roughly how he got the job he has today. He was only recently given the opportunity of selling drugs, which is probably why he's so terrible at it, considering his lack of training in the field. But he's determined to make this work out and get to the top!

English, Swedish

Father (whereabouts unknown, but does not live with the others)
Younger Brother
Younger Sister

Fingerless leather gloves for fighting purposes
Standard wooden baseball bat
Poker-chip belt in terrible neon green
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