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[Illegibilus] Kaelum Sadler by peacockaroo [Illegibilus] Kaelum Sadler by peacockaroo

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» NAME: Kaelum Sadler

» AGE: 15

» GENDER: Male

» HEIGHT: 167cm

» WEIGHT: 65 kg

» BIRTHDAY: February 13th



» YEAR: 5th



Wood: Laurel

Core: Unicorn hair

Length: 11 ½ inches

Flexibility: Rigid

Kaelum possesses a very faithful and pure wand, in the sense that both wood and core are of a nature opposing dark magic. Laurel wands have a tendency to strike lightning on anyone who should attempt to steal it from it's original owner, while unicorn hair is one of the most faithful cores by nature, and as such Kaelum has a very strong attachment to his wand.
Both core and wood also have trouble if mishandled, or if not used frequently and appropriately, which pushes Kaelum to try hard as a wizard and practice magic as often as he can, learning as many new spells as possible.


{Bombarda}  Provokes a small explosion.

{Finite}  Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect.

{Impedimenta}  Impedes the progress of a target in a variety of ways - depending on the skill of the caster, it may range from tripping and harassing to binding, knocking back, and even paralysing the victim.

{Incendio} Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster.

{Protego}  Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.

{Silencio}  Silences the victim, preventing any form of vocalization. Can be used to disrupt powerful magic that requires a verbal component.

{Stupefy}  It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds. If used too forcefully, it will put the victim in an unconscious state.

Excels in defensive magic and spells related to the element of fire. A good duelist.



Care of Magical Creatures



Quidditch - Beater



+ Athletic | Daring | Dynamic | Forceful | Independent | Intuitive | Loyal | Passionate | Protective | Reliable

± Animated | Competitive | Physical | Sarcastic | Self-Conscious | Stubborn | Tough

- Arrogant | Aggressive | Blunt | Clumsy | Compulsive | Devious | Disobedient | Impatient | Irritable | Naive | Reactive | Sadistic | Temperamental

Kaelum has always liked sports, being someone who needs a lot of action and movement in his life in order to keep him entertained. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he has a short-attention span, however, considering he can easily sit down for a few hours straight and listen to someone talk about the same subject as long as it’s something that interests him. He simply tends to get bored easily, and considers it a waste of time to learn about something he knows he’ll just forget later anyway. At the same time, however, while he is far from being the studious type, he does enjoy reading in his spare time, but only as long as the subject is interesting and grabs his attention.

He is very forward about certain things, and he seems to severely lack tact considering he comes from a pretty high-class family. Be it because he’s not used to interacting with people his own age, or because he purposefully is making himself less appealing to others, nobody seems to know. But either way, it is something which has a tendency to get him in trouble, especially when he forgets to think before speaking in front of a professor or other authority figure - all of whom he greatly dislikes and feels are untrustworthy.

Since he arrived at the school in his first year, Kaelum’s aggressive attitude has only grown further, expanding into a very explosive temper, making the boy prone to loud yelling and violence. It’s as if he gave up on controlling himself a long time ago, and instead started using it as an outlet both for his enormous energy reserve and his need to express his displeasure with his current family situation.

As he’s realized that he can not change his past, or the minds of his parents, he began to withdraw further into himself, removing himself from everyone else emotionally. If he’d made any friends during his first year at the school, he’s surely lost them by now. But it’s not that he doesn’t want to make friends, in fact, he desperately wants someone to confide in. He’s simply afraid of being hurt by them, the same way he was hurt by his family. He has grown bitter over the way his mother treated herself and him, solely based on the fact that they had magical abilities, which has in turn made him angry at those whose parents accept them fully, and at muggle children in general.

As with many other Gryffindors, he has a tendency to act without thinking, especially when driven by his emotions. He reacts very badly to things, and his first instinct is often to punch someone in the nose. Sometimes, this base instinct to stand up and fight can get him into some real trouble, especially when opposite someone who is far more skilled than himself, and an actual danger to his health. But he would never back down from a fight, especially not if it meant putting others in harms way. He actually does care about his fellow students, you know, and he would never allow anyone to hurt them if he can help it!

Although when all that is said, i have to bring up the fact that throughout the years, he has grown to rather enjoy the look of pain on a persons face if he is the one who caused it. And likewise, he enjoys the pain he himself feels when someone fights back - it makes him feel alive, and is far better than feeling emotionally scarred. It doesn’t even have to be pain cause by violence from others, as long as it hurts, it’s good. But it really is better if there are other people around - he likes the attention.

You could probably say that he is a problem child, and it’s honestly the most correct description I can give you in five words or less. On his good days, he’s more of a clumsy troublemaker than anything else. Not that he has very many good days any more.

✔ Sports
✔ Duelling
✔ A good fist fight
✔ Piercings
✔ Tattoos
✔ Trying new hairstyles
✔ Mambo
✔ His twin brother
✔ Dragons
✔ Exploring
✔ Quidditch
✔ The moon
✔ The reflection of the moon in the surface of the lake

✘ The school uniform
✘ Potions
✘ Teachers
✘ His parents
✘ Most authority figures and grown-ups
✘ Horses and similar creatures
✘ Rules and following them
✘ The library
✘ Studying


February 13th, 1998 - some time just after midnight - was when Adelaide Sadler gave birth to two identical twin boys, Charles and Kaelum. The young woman hoped that neither of them would grow up to be wizards, or that she might at least be able to hide their nature as such from her husband if that were to be the case. See her husband was a muggle, and from a very influential family, and the young Adelaide was terrified of the idea that he might cut off herself and the two boys should he find out the truth about his wife. Adelaide herself was a half-blood witch, born to a wizard and his muggle wife, only to watch her parents fight, and her mother running away in the dead of the night one day because the stress of having a witch as a child was too much for her. Or maybe it was the shame of it, which Adelaide had often caught in her eyes when she looked at her - the shame of having a daughter of such a breed.

For two years Adelaide and her husband lived in bliss with their sons, no signs yet that the two children might be of a different kind than the rest of their family, but of course, all good things must eventually come to an end. It was on the boys second birthday that their first encounter with magic took place, prompted by their uncle, Marty, and the few drinks too many he had had that day. When the man attempted to make the children laugh by pulling various facial expressions, he instead succeeded in making the boys so frightened that they burst out crying, but not before uncle Marty's own moustache had caught fire. The incident was passed off as being a result of Marty's own clumsiness, despite the fact that he had not actually been near any of the live candles at the time. Luckily for the boys and their mother, most of the guests had either been too distracted, or too drunk to put the pieces together, their minds choosing to believe in the much simpler, if slightly questionable, explanation. Adelaide was pleased with this fact, and she made a point of avoiding the subject unless she was certain her company had either had enough to drink that they wouldn't be able to think seriously about the incident, or with the few friends she'd kept from her time at Hogwarts.

It was this way that Charles and Kaelum grew up being mostly unaware of their mothers background, and the magical abilities that resided within one, or possibly both, of them. Adelaide herself spent most of her time attempting to hide the truth from the two boys, covering up the one or two more incidents that did take place, so that the twin boys simply didn't notice how different they were from most of the people around them. The fact that both of them were home tutored - something which their parents had chosen for them due to the high standard of living they were brought up in, as well as the idea that they would one day take over the family business - meant that the twins were able to live in ignorant bliss, sheltered from the truth about their mother, and mostly unaware of the things they - or at least one of them - were capable of doing. Their days were spent with lessons, both in the standard school subjects, as well as music and some sports. The most important sport the twins were taught in, and the only one that was brought back time and again every single year, was horseback riding. It was believed that, as the sons of an upper class family, it was only proper for them to practice this sport. In their later years, training evolved, and they started learning various subcategory sports which were done riding a horse - such as Polo.

As with most things, however, their happy bubble had to burst, ending the peaceful, if somewhat lonely, family life they had led so far. This happened when the boys were eleven years old, on a day where Charles, in an effort to help out the servants, brought in the mail, finding a letter addressed to his brother. This letter happened to be one informing young Kaelum that he was a wizard, and that he was invited to attend Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At first the two of them thought it was just a joke, some kind of elaborate prank played by one of their family friends, but when their mother discovered the letter at the top of the paper bin in their room, losing her normally calm and collected attitude, it became clear to them that is was much more than that. The twins decided to confront her about it, in order to figure out exactly what was going on and why she'd reacted so badly to the letter. At first she wasn't much for the idea, but it was hard to keep the truth from the two boys, what with what they'd seen already, so she finally caved in and told them the truth about her own past, and about the school from which the letter had come. It took some persuasion, but after a while Kaelum finally managed to convince his mother to let him attend the school - but only after she'd explained it in great detail, telling her son about the different houses and the classes he would attend to make sure that she couldn't change his mind - and to accompany him to Diagon Alley in order to purchase the required school materials.

However, throughout the time between the arrival of the letter, and his departure to Hogwarts, it had become more and more clear to Kaelum that his mother was ashamed of who she was, and of the fact that her son had ended up the same way, even despite the fact that she was now being helpful and teaching him a few things she deemed necessary if he was to live the life of a wizard. He realized that, once she'd found out Charles was what they called a muggle, she was clearly favouring him. This was the planting of a seed of insecurities and anger in the young boy. He started to doubt whether or not he was really worthy of his name, if he was a good son or not, and if he was really ever supposed to have been born. His parents had never wanted twins, that much had been clear form the beginning, when they named his brother after their grandfather, and Kaelum after, well, a constellation of stars. But never had the two been treated differently until now. He grew distant from his brother, as if watching him carefully, examining his behaviour in order to determine whether or not he could still be trusted.

His trip to Diagon Alley was an uneventful one, simply shopping based off the list which had been included in the letter. After a long time of carrying around his materials for school, they finally came to their last stop: Ollivanders wand shop. This was the highlight of the trip for Kaelum, getting his very own magic wand to cast spells with. It took some time, and many failed attempts, but at last one of the wands chose him - a simple Laurel wand, unicorn core and eleven and a half inches long. It was perfect. But at the same time, it also sealed the deal - Kaelum was now a wizard, and there was no running from that. With this realization, the deep chasm which had been separating the two brothers for the past few weeks became a permanent fixture - one which would be very hard to overcome in the future as Kaelum would grow to be something of a purist. And the reveal of him and his mothers true nature to the twin boys father didn't help much at all - in fact, it probably made everything far worse regarding the whole family's relationship.

Charles and Kaelum's father, Carlisle, had noticed the strange activities going on with his son and wife, as well as the odd delivery of letters by owl to the house. Charles and Kaelum never knew - although Kaelum might have suspected it - that their mother had been intercepting the letters at first, trying to keep them hidden from her sons in hopes that maybe she could pretend like this never happened. But as we all know from earlier events, this plan had failed. However, what is important to the current part of Kaelum's story, is the big revelation to his father. Or rather, the confrontation of his mother by the man, as he was now suspecting her of having an affair.

It was an easy conclusion to come to, considering the fact that she had been accepting letters delivered by owl, rather than normal means of mailing, not to mention the fact that she had been burning these letters, most likely in order to get rid of the evidence. Of course, the truth was far from what he had imagined, and seemed completely ridiculous. Honestly, it took a lot of explaining and convincing, which required the help of Kaelum, in order to make him believe the truth. They showed him anything they could, without breaking any laws, in order to make him believe them, and see that this was simply how things were, and always had been. Carlisle, of course, was shocked at this knowledge, not to mention angry over the whole ordeal. Whether he was upset because his wife had kept it a secret from him for so long, or because one of his sons had turned out that way, was hard to tell. Nevertheless, Kaelum seemed to place the blame on himself, begging their father not to punish Adelaide for something which could not be undone, anyway. there was nothing he hated more than the idea of his family being torn apart, still somewhat innocent at heart.

His father reluctantly agreed not to act upon this knowledge, and to continue on the best he could as if things were the way they'd always been - although mostly so for the sake of protecting his own reputation. They did not tell anyone else, attempting to keep the owl deliveries to a minimum in the future so that no one would get suspicious. After the first few letters the boy sent home from school, however, they decided to buy up a small house elsewhere, moving the two boys and their mothers official address there, in order to receive and send the letters from a less public place. The plan was of course flawed, but the fact that the couple seemed to be growing apart as well had made the decision the most obvious one for them.

Not long after his trip to Diagon Alley, and the big reveal to his father, came the day of his departure for Hogwarts. He had been looking forward to this trip for a long time now, working up his excitement and spending his time reading as much as he possibly could about the school - he wanted to know everything possible about this place full of children who were just like him. The train ride itself was rather dull and boring, if he had to be completely honest - at least compared to the lively atmosphere which had been present at the station before boarding. Kaelum spent the first twenty or so minutes of the train ride staring out the window of his compartment - the first empty one he'd been able to find - but was soon joined by other first-year students looking for a place to sit.

At first, he acted politely, just like he'd been taught at home, but the more he learned about his fellow passengers, the more he wished that they would just go away. He was angry at them, because they all seemed to have a much easier time of things than he did. He was now stuck with a prissy pureblood girl, one muggle born whose parents couldn't get enough of the idea, and a halfblood. Even though the other boy in the compartment was just like him, one muggle and one magic parent, their upbringings were miles apart in difference, and it seemed these three children all had full support from their parents - or at least that's what they made it sound like. For the rest of the ride, Kaelum had his nose stuck in a book. It wasn't that he particularly wanted to read, but it was the easiest way for him to ignore the other three children and their chatter. What a great start to the school year, really. Not to mention the perfect first impression of what the rest of it would be like.

He was more than relieved when they arrived at Hogsmeade station later that evening, finally able to just stand up and walk away from the people he'd spent the last few hours learning way too many details about. Of course it hadn't been all bad, and if you tried legilimency on him you'd probably see that he'd grown rather fond of the three, and that his hurry to get away from them was more so to protect himself from getting more attached, than it was because he was truly annoyed at them. How could he possibly be friends with someone who didn't understand what he felt, after all? It didn't take them too long to arrive at the castle, and thankfully it seemed that everyone else was too pre-occupied with admiring the surroundings to really pester him.

Once they reached the Great Hall, it seemed as though everyone fell silent, as was understandable considering that this was supposed to be a sort of welcoming ceremony for the new students - now was the time where everyone's futures would be decided. It took a while for them to go through the list and get everyone sorted - one of the girls Kaelum had been sitting with on the train, he noticed, got sorted into Ravenclaw - but at least it became his turn. It was as if he only just now realized how much impact the house into which a person was sorted would have on their lives. It would determine who would befriend you, and who would avoid you, as well as how people would see you. He knew, of course, about the qualities of each house, and the stereotypes associated with each of them, but he hadn't really thought about the consequences of being sorted into the various ones before.

As the sorting has was placed on his head, he could feel his cheeks warm up, and suddenly it was as if the whole room was staring at him expectantly. For a moment, he felt a strong urge to run and hide behind the nearest object, but after a short, mental pep-talk for himself, he puffed out his chest proudly and decided that no matter what house he ended up in, he would make the best of it. It wasn't as if he was here to please everyone else! In fact, he was here because he wanted to be, despite the protests from his mother and the idea of being separated from his only friend in the world - his twin brother Charles. And, as if on cue, the moment he settled this with himself, the hat which had been placed on top of his head - and which had been mumbling to itself as the boy had been making up his own mind - called out the name of the house in which he was to spend the rest of his time at the school. Gryffindor! There was a lot of clapping, of course, just like with all the other students, and Kaelum felt himself growing rather proud that he would have been sorted into this house - even if they had a reputation of not being too bright.

The next few years, Kaelum spent studying at the school, avoiding people as well as he could unless it was required for any school activities. At first, he'd thought that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to make a few friends, perhaps it would even be nice? But he quickly discovered that he had no idea how to interact with strangers, being that he'd spent his whole life so far growing up at his family's mansion, being told what to say to the guests they would have over, and rarely ever needing to say anything unless spoken to. The only person he'd ever truly been able to speak to was his brother, and he'd never had any need to start a relationship up with him, considering they had quite literally been together since birth.

At first, Kaelum would go home to visit his family every chance he'd get, missing his family rather desperately between breaks. but as the years passed, his travels to and from school seemed to shrink to a minimum, until he, in his third year, only went home for Christmas and during the summer. the cause of this was the growing distance between his brother and him, as well as the cold treatment from his mother whenever he was home. He was unable to discuss his school life properly with anyone, considering his mother did everything she could to pretend he actually just attended a normal boarding school, and that his father was not supposed to know the truth. it also seemed that, as time went on, Charles started to side with their mother more and more - or perhaps he was simply jealous that Kaelum was the only one whom had gotten the gift of magical abilities. Either way, his home life became less than pleasant.

It was this way that Kaelum found himself dedicating his time to practising spells, as well as his flying abilities. The young boy had shown great promise during his first year, quickly learning to master the art of riding a broom, and he was already greatly interested in sports. So of course he wanted to try out for Quidditch. He spent a lot of time perfecting his abilities, keeping an eye on the team try-out dates. For each day that passed with him being unable to play the competitive sport, he'd grow more restless, to the point where he'd start getting in fights with other students, usually over trivial matters.

This year, he has promised to behave himself and to dedicate more of his energy to studying, rather than fighting, although honestly? He's not sure he can keep it.



» FAMILY: (optional)

Adelaide Withercomb Sadler - Mother
Carlisle Sadler - Father
Charles Sadler - Twin Brother

» RELATIONSHIPS: (optional)



His family own a Freight Shipping company for heavy cargo. Think along the lines of Maersk, Delmas, Overseas Containers, etc.


Name: Mambo

Species: Cat

Breed: Blue Russian

Gender: Female

Personality: Reserved | Untrusting | Temperamental | Easily Provoked | Gluttonous

Kaelum Sadler, Art (c) Me
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