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HG: Kobayashi Yuzuru by peacockaroo HG: Kobayashi Yuzuru by peacockaroo
Managed to make character look different in all three drawings of him I did. SUCCESS not really but lmao oh well

Personal Info:

Name: Kobayashi, Yuzuru
Nickname: Yuzu
Age: 15
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 155 cm // 5'1"
Weight: 61 kg / 134 lbs
Birthday: August 1st

Year: First
Swim Style: Breast stroke
Level: Novice


Introverted - Yuzuru is a quiet boy who usually keeps to himself. He has no great desire to interact with others and he tend to just occupy himself with his hobbies and school work rather than actually talking to people and making friends. Interacting with people for any extended period of time drains him mentally, too.
Determined - It is Yuzuru's dream to become a great swimmer, so he works hard at the pool as often as he can. He's used to needing good grades in order to do what he loves, so he works hard in normal classes as well.
Open-minded - Despite his introverted nature, Yuzuru actually loves to just sit around others and watch them interact with each other. He's not very fast to judge, and his first impression of everyone is pretty much always "This person is so cool/nice!" It's very hard to make him hate you and he'll accept almost everything about a person if he thinks they're nice.
Vain - Even though he doesn't talk much to others, and usually never seeks out anyone's attention, Yuzuru always does his best to look nice. He never goes swimming without a cap on, and he always uses moisturizing cream to make sure his skin doesn't dry out from the pool water.
Caring/Loyal - Once he gets to know you, Yuzuru won't stop caring for you almost no matter what. He'll make sure that his friends are always happy and healthy. And even if he sees an unhappy or hurt person who isn't a close friend, he'll still rush to help them the best way he can.
Naïve - Yuzuru will believe almost anything people tell him, as long as it doesn't defy anything that's scientifically proven. And even if you mistreat him, he'll still see you as a good person if you make up an excuse.
Haphephobic - Yuzuru is actually terrified of being touched by people that he does not know, which is something completely unrelated to his being an introvert. It is an irrational fear which will make him either close up completely in fear of moving a muscle, or lash out in an attempt to get away. Touching him without explicit permission would not be advised.


Early Life - Yuzuru was born to a pretty normal family, his father was a businessman and his mother worked at the family's café, they were never rich, but they weren't exactly poor either, living happily as middle-class citizens. His mother would often take Yuzuru to the park, to visit his grandparents - who lived only half an hour away, or to the pool. The young boy showed great enthusiasm for swimming, and generally seemed much more content splashing around in the water than playing on the swings in the park, so his mother started taking him to swimming classes. Whenever his mother was too busy, his grandmother would take him instead, seeing as they lived so close by it wasn't any problem, and Yuzuru could swim pretty much as often as he wanted.

Primary School - When he started school, Yuzuru quickly discovered that there was a lot less time to go to the pool and swim. His first year of school was probably also the year he made the most friends, figuring that if he couldn't swim all the time, he might as well find something else to do. He quickly learned that playing with other kids wasn't as fun as it had been made out to be, but it did give him free trips to the pool every now and then, so he thought that maybe it was worth it. When he reached his second year of primary school, Yuzuru had grown so used to being alone during the summer holidays, and he'd had the time to reflect on which was better, that he stopped playing with most of the people he'd been calling his "friends". There was only a few people he even wanted to speak to any more, one of them being an especially cute girl - or well, according to Yuzuru at least she was. With time, the two became nearly inseparable. Around the end of his Primary school experience, Yuzuru found out that good grades could earn him special rewards, and thus started his years of working hard and studying whenever he could.

Middle School - Yuzuru was his usual self, he still has no interest in making friends, and by now the only person he really spoke to at all was that one girl from middle school. As fate would have it, they even went to the same Middle school, and had even been placed in the same class. A new element was quickly introduced to his life - school clubs! The choice was easy enough, of course he was going to join the swimming club, there was no doubt about that. And so he did. What he hadn't counted on, was that his childhood friend was just as interested in swimming as he was, and that she would be joining as well. Now he had the two most important things in his life in the same place, and the young Yuzuru honestly thought that life couldn't get any better than it already was.

Then came his second year, and the introduction of competitive swimming. Of course, there had been minor competitions between the team members while he was a first year, but this was completely different. With the inter-school competitions, he could actually win medals and make people proud! He worked hard to get on the team, so that he would be able to participate in those events, only ever aiming to be the best and winning. Of course, things rarely go according to plan, and being a newbie to the world of competitive swimming, he lost a few times before even making it in a place where his would be mentioned at all at the awards ceremonies. He spent his second year of middle school slowly but steadily getting better and climbing higher and higher in the competitions. He still made time to hang out with his friend, and to study. If he wanted to be on the swimming team, he had to get good grades as well. Soon, the school year ended, and Yuzuru still hadn't won any gold medals. A few silver at some smaller competitions, sure, but that wasn't good enough for him. He wanted to be something more than second place, he wanted to be the best!

Thus he spent his whole summer vacation at the pool, practising and getting better. And at the start of his Third year, he won his very first gold medal. Things were a little wonky from there, he still didn't win every single competition, but his number of first places increased steadily throughout the year. By this time in his life, he had alienated himself from others so much that he started flinching whenever someone touched him, and that only got worse with time, to the point where he is currently actually scared of being touched. It wasn't a big deal to him, however, seeing as swimming is a non-contact sport, so he kept it to himself and tried to pretend it wasn't a problem whenever it actually came up. His third year went by fast, and it was soon time to graduate middle school. Someone made the suggestion that he should enter "That big fancy swimming school!" thus drawing Yuzuru's attention towards Hayami Gakuen. He would not accept any other schools for the future, his mind was made up. He would attend that elite school for swimmers!

High School - This chapter has yet to be written!


rainy weather
napping on the roof
the sun
the aquarium
field trips
colourful and/or interestingly shaped fish
piercings and tattoos (since he can't have them, he finds them physically attractive on others)

Cold weather
interacting with people when it's not his choice
dozing off in the sun without sunscreen on
wearing more than one layer of clothes (Honestly, why do we even wear clothes at all?)
being touched by others (especially people he's just met) - due to Haphephobia


Matsushita, Kaoru - Cousin and Childhood Friend
Yuzuru and Kaoru used to play a lot together as children, and they would often go to the pool together. Since they're the same age, they were especially close. But when Kaoru moved overseas during middle school, their contact dropped dramatically, since they weren't able to play together every day any more. Nowadays, with Yuzuru having moved to follow his dreams of becoming a professional swimmer, their contact is limited to some weekend trips together, as well as phone and computer communication.

Additional Information:
-He suffers from Haemophilia.
-Has been known to cross-dress for fun (Since he feels very close to his mother and grandmother, and they are his idols)
-Biggest insecurity is his looks. If you want to hurt him, tell him he's ugly; it works way better than punching him.
-Tsundere: If he actually likes you he'll start pushing you away and possibly become moody around you, and he would never admit it, not in a million years.
-He tried playing the violin once... it didn't go well.
-Prefers salty snacks to sweet ones.
-Has somewhat high metabolism, but not to the point that it's a health hazard.
-His favourite song is Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO (not that you'll ever find out)
-His spirit animal is a Parambassis ranga - or better known as an Indian glassy fish

Contact information:
Skype [theroyaljay], google docs, chatroom or similar.

Preferred method of RPing:
Para/Lit - even when I do script it ends up being lit with just stars around it so. Yeah. But I'm willing to learn.
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